Amaravati, A People’s Capital In The Making

Amaravati, A People’s Capital In The Making

Amaravati - People's Capital

By choosing the ancient name for the new capital of AP, Chandrababu naidu displayed his sagacity as the true leader of all telugus.

History is reinventing its glorious past in Andhra Pradesh. By naming the new capital of Andhra Pradesh after the historical city of Satavahana dynasty in second century A.D., Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu inspired every Telugu living across the world to not only relive the legacy of a bygone era but also build a golden future for generations to come.

It is a masterstroke in branding as Naidu sets out to build a world class city in the historically important region between Vijayawada and Guntur, the central point of the newly carved state of Andhra Pradesh.

The decision to name the new capital of Andhra Pradesh as “Amaravati” was widely welcomed by Telugus across the world. As soon as the announcement was made, netizens took to social media to hail the decision.

The word “Amaravati” started trending on Facebook and Twitter, and other websites, as Twiterrati described the name as the “best among the available options” apart from mentioning its advantages, such as ‘Amaravati, AP Capital’ alphabetically being the first.

“Amaravati to Bring a Wave of Nostalgia and Hope Among Andhraites,” the New Indian Express greeted the announcement.

“Two millennia later, Amaravathi becomes Andhra capital once again,” said The Hindu Businessline.

“The long-lost historical essence of the place will relive with the name of the capital,” Vasudevan Iyer, Hyderabad branch director of real estate consulting firm Knight Frank India Pvt. Ltd was quoted by financial daily, The Mint.

Amaravati has a 2,000-year-old history and was recently declared a Unesco Heritage Town. Having a Buddhist stupa and a school of art named after Buddha, Amaravati is among the 12 towns in India with a heritage tag. For this reason, the name Amaravati is being seen as apt which would draw attention of the people worldwide. Besides, the historic name will be embraced by all Telugus, whether they are in Andhra, Telangana, elsewhere in India, or abroad.

The Chief Minister, however, is not one to rest on the splendours of the past, as he meticulously set out to create a people’s capital that, while resonating with the ancient religious, spiritual and secular symbolism, is a bustling centre of truly modern and contemporary metropolis on a fast track of economic growth.

The masterplan for the new capital city has alredy been drawn out by experts from Singapore Government, whose Minister for Trade and Industry S Eswaran personally handed over the blue print to the Chief Minister at Secretariat in Hyderabad on May 25. “It is a ‘green’ plan, because of its emphasis on public transportation and not merely private transportation. The second point I would make is, it’s also a ‘blue’ plan. It’s a blue plan because you are blessed with very rich water resources and the idea is to take advantage of that in order to enhance amenities,” Eswaran explained.

The 7,420 square km Capital Region Plan is the first of a three-stage master plan for the Capital City. Surbana International Consultants and Jurong Consultants are the master planners for the project.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding, a Capital Region Plan covering some 7,420 km2 and a Capital City master plan covering 217 km2 are being drawn up. The achievement of this milestone in the Andhra Pradesh-Singapore collaboration has been possible because of the personal rapport and respect that Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu commands with the Singapore Government.

Iswaran said, “Singapore is pleased to complete and hand over to the Andhra Pradesh government the Capital Region Plan on schedule. It is testimony to the excellent bilateral working relationship between Andhra Pradesh and Singapore…”

The Plan identifies the appropriate long-term economic positioning of the existing towns and cities within the capital region and the context, therefore, for the growth and development of the future Andhra Pradesh Capital City. It includes a regional socio-economic analysis and demographic study and recommends a set of strategies to enhance connectivity and undertake transit-oriented urban development while protecting agricultural zones and heritage areas.

Besides the Singapore companies, the Japanese companies are ready to associate in construction, environment and other requirements of the city,” the Chief Minister said. “It will be a deadly combination.”

“Our aim is to build an ultra-modern, world-class city which has historical and cultural significance, economic activity, social life, employment opportunities and is affordable for even the poorer sections,” Chandrababu Naidu said.

The new capital city of Andhra Pradesh will be built by a global master developer based on the master plan prepared by the Singapore government. “After the master plan is prepared by the Singapore government, the next step is to select a master developer and complete first-phase of the capital city comprising administrative buildings, offices and residences for 20,000 employees before 2019,” Chief Minister disclosed.

Naidu wants some of the buildings to be completed within a year of starting work. The Central government released Rs1,500 crore for the construction of the capital in the previous financial year and Naidu is aiming to get some more funds this year. Before starting construction work, the state government will send a Detail Project Report (DPR) to the Centre on the basis of the masterplan that will be submitted by the Singapore government.

In the recent cabinet meeting, the State Government has decided to lay the foundation stone for the new capital on 6th of June. The Government has decided to select the master developer for the capital city through the Swiss Challenge method. The works, however, will acquire pace from Vijaya Dasami, the festival of victory.

To showcase the capital construction for future generations, the Government has planned to video-document the entire process of building of the mega city over the months and years till completion.


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