From one challenge to another…

From one challenge to another…

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It is during the time of crisis that the real mettle of a leader is manifest. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu put his heart and soul into making the Godavari Pushkaralu 2015, a memorable and culturally rejuvenating event for the people of Andhra Pradesh. But on the very first day, an unexpected tragedy struck in the form of a stampede in which several lives were lost. However, the CM – moved though he was by this unfortunate incident – shrugged off the initial shock, and led the administration in the smooth conduct of the river festival for the duration of the event in an exemplary manner. He stayed put at Rajahmundry for the next two weeks and personally supervised the arrangements at every level. If millions of pilgrims chose to take the holy dip even after the tragic incident, it is to the credit of the Chief Minister, who rose to the occasion admirably.

From one challenge to another, the Chief Minister’s journey continues. Even as he was busy supervising the Pushkaralu preparations, the CM received the Singapore delegation, which handed over the blueprint for the Core Capital Area of Amaravati. The first look at the graphic representations of the future capital wowed the people at large. The CM’s tenacity at getting the best in the world was evident in the way he could prevail upon the Singapore Government to draw the master-plan for a great city free of charge.

Now is the time to look forward to a great capital city that would be able to sustain the aspirations of an expectant people. Knowing the determination of the Chief Minister, few have any doubts that Andhra Pradesh would be able to build a capital and an economy that would rival the best in the world sooner than later. What is lacking is money, not the will. The CM has proven time and again that he possesses ‘the courage never to submit or yield’. And despite odds, he will lead us ahead.

– Ramesh Kandula,

Chief Editor


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