Amaravati, the Future!

Amaravati, the Future!

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This Vijayadasami will be long remembered in the modern annals of Andhra Pradesh. The foundation stone ceremony for the capital city Amaravati is a momentous occasion for the people of the state.
Amaravati is not just a capital city. It is the fulfilment of the long cherished wish of the people to have a capital that they can call truly their own. The emotional attachment with which the denizens of the state viewed the birth of Amaravati can only be understood in terms of the angst for a Telugu and an Andhra cultural resurgence.

Amaravati, however, is not just a harking back to the glorious past of this part of the country. The visionary Chief Minster Chandrababu Naidu has conceived a people’s capital that is throbbing with social, cultural and as importantly, the economic life of its people. It is truly a modern city that incorporates the best of the great cities of the world, but without losing its identity as a historical place.

From Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Ministers from Japan and Singapore, besides a host of guests from various states and countries blessed the occasion with great warmth. The Chief Minister’s resoluteness as well as his utmost sincerity in envisioning and executing Amaravati against all odds have indeed impressed the august gathering.

Amaravati is no stranger to history. But we are fortunate to be witnessing the making of contemporary history with participation of an entire people!

– Ramesh Kandula,

Chief Editor


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