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Vijayawada: Minister for Information and Public Relations Palle Raghunatha Reddy said that the state government is ahead in implementing various welfare programmes despite of financial crisis. He expressed confidence that the state would achieve first place in the country by 2029. Inaugurating I&PR Minister’s chamber at fourth block in new secretariat complex in Velagapudi village today, the minister said that the state government is successful in winning the confidence of farmers, as Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, camping in Anantapur personally monitored the dry spell mitigation programme to save crops in lakhs of acres. Commissioner, I&PR S Venkateswar, director of cultural affairs D Vijaybhaskar, Secretary Minority welfare P Ushakumari and Commissioner, Minority welfare Md Iqbal were present. Photo: Minister for Information and Public Relations Palle Raghunatha Reddy offering puja before inaugurating Minister’s chamber at new secretariat complex at Velagapudi village on Friday.

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  • మంత్రి యనమల రామకృష్ణుడు
  • జనవరికి అసెంబ్లీ భవన నిర్మాణం పూర్తి

విజయవాడ :  2017 జనవరి, ఫిబ్రవరిలో జరగనున్న అసెంబ్లీ సమావేశాలు అమరావతిలో నిర్వహించనున్నట్టు ఆర్థిక మంత్రి, అసెంబ్లీ వ్యవహారాల మంత్రి యనమల రామకృష్ణుడు తెలిపారు. నవ్యాంధ్ర రాజధాని అమరావతిలో రాష్ట్ర అసెంబ్లీ భవనం పూర్తవుతుందని యనమల తెలిపారు. ఈనెల 8 నుంచి తాజా అసెంబ్లీ సమావేశాలను హైదరాబాద్ లో నిర్వహించేందుకు ప్రభుత్వం సిద్ధమైంది. తాజా సమావేశాల్లో జీఎస్టీ బిల్లుపై చర్చించడంతోపాటు,  మరో రెండు ముఖ్యమైన బిల్లులను ఆమెదించనున్నట్టు ఆర్థిక మంత్రి, అసెంబ్లీ వ్యవహారాల మంత్రి యనమల రామకృష్ణుడు చెప్పారు.





జారీచేయువారు:  కమిషనర్, సమాచార పౌర సంబంధాల శాఖ

Following his meeting with Mr. Zhang Zhao CEO of Guizhou International Investment Corporation (GIIC), a delegation called on the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu at Vijayawada.

The delegation headed by Mr. Guan Xiaoqing, Planning Department, Head of Guizhou, has visited Amaravati and capital region over the past few days. They evinced their interest in extending their fullest co-operation for the development of Amaravati as a world-class capital.

GIIC is known for giving Guizhou province an urban facelift with a short span of time. They informed the Chief Minister that they will submit a detailed infrastructure plan in a short span of time along with providing assistance in bringing in big investments to the state.

Later in the day, a Hungarian trade delegation met the Chief Minister. A team from Budapest Water Works, Hungary has arrived in Vijayawada to conduct a feasibility study on the water supply system in the city.

They have come forward to modernize the state’s water distribution system and ensure every household receives 24X7 water supply. In this regard, the delegation invited officials from the government to visit Budapest and study their mechanism.

Tamás Bencze, International Business Development Director, Budapest Water Works, Zsolt Pákozdy, Senior Economic and Commercial Counselor, Minister Sri Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao and others were present.


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Given that Andhra Pradesh is poised as the Gateway of Southeast Asia, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu suggested Vice Minister of the International Department of CCPCC His Excellency, Chen Fengxiang  to make China’s silk route pass through the state at Visakhapatnam. He explained that the state is centrally located and houses deep water ports offer an added advantage for maritime silk route.

The meeting of the Vice Minister with the Chief Minister also underlined China’s interest in investing in Andhra Pradesh and its capital city. “Make Amaravati your second home after Shanghai,” the Chief Minister said to MrFengxiang.

Mr Fengxiang added: “Following your successful visit to China, I wanted to visit Andhra Pradesh. When the time came to visit India, my first preference was Andhra Pradesh”.

Recalling his visits to other capital cities around the world, Mr Fengxiang expressed confidence that Amarvati will surpass other capital cities under the visionary leadership of the Chief Minister.

“Since you are building from scratch, you can build a wonderful city, like drawing a beautiful picture on a blank paper,” he said.

The Chief Minister asked for the investments and expertise of the Chinese companies in building a world-class capital. “Be a part of the rare opportunity to build a capital city from scratch,” he said.

Outlining his plans of developing Amaravati as a smart city, the Chief Minister explained Mr Fengxiang that the capital will be blue and green capital city, with a river waterfront stretched for about 40 km.

The Chief Minister also extended invitation for Chinese companies to be a part of constructing Amaravati. “There is no one who can build faster than the Chinese, we need your expertise,” he stated.

Earlier, Secretary (Industries) S.S. Rawat and Secretary (Infrastructure) Ajay Jain outlined the topography and advantages of India and Andhra Pradesh. Elaborating on the achievements of Andhra Pradesh, S.S. Rawat explained that the state has a strong agricultural sector, thriving manufacturing sector and is rich in mineral resources.

Ministers Nimmakayala Chinna Rajappa, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, Acchan Naidu, Ravela Kishore Babu, Advisor (Communications) Dr. Parakala Prabhakar, members of the Chinese delegation and other officials were present.

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Jana Sena leader and film star Pawan Kalyan today called on Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu at the latter’s camp office in Vijayawada. The meeting assumes importance in the backdrop of the State Government’s move to construct the new capital city of Amaravati by pooling about 33,000 acres of land from the farmers in the Guntur district of the State.

Pawan Kalyan, who could not attend the foundation stone laying ceremony of the capital by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, on October 22, expressed his concern about the land pooling and farmers’ issues in the past and wants the Government to make them part of the development.

The actor and the Chief Minister are meeting after several months. Pawan Kalyan had played a key role during the general elections last year campaigning for TDP-BJP combine.


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Marking the dawn of a new era with the Birth of Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has extended greetings to all the people in the State on the eve of Diwali.

“Let this festival instill confidence in us, as we prepare to rise against the odds and shun the darkness away. Let us make a vow together to arise and awake to a new Sunrise from tomorrow. Every day will keep our burning desire alive to build our state”, he said.

“The festival of lights gives us a hope to fight against all odds and illuminate our lives with a glow of joy, prosperity and happiness,” he said.

He added that, “Diwali, the festival of lights, is a harbinger of joy and happiness. It signifies triumph of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and light over darkness. It also has a special importance in our culture, symbolizing social harmony and mutual brotherhood.”

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Andhra Pradesh is making its presence felt in the aviation sector. The latest are two terminals being added to Vijayawada and Tirupati Airports.

The Vijayawada airport is all set to get a facelift in the form of a new terminal building. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu laid the foundation stone for the new terminal building, which is being built with an outlay of Rs 135 crore. Union Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju, Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu and Union Science & Technology Minister YS Chowdary were present on the occasion.

Ashok Gajapathi Raju said that Andhra Pradesh has become an aviation-friendly state after it reduced the tax on turbine fuel to only one per cent in a bid to encourage the air traffic in the region. “With the new terminal coming up, more traffic will be expected for the airport. The airport needs 700 acres for expansion, which will have a modern runway to facilitate all kinds of aircraft,” Raju said. He also appealed to the farmers to relinquish their land for the airport expansion programme.

Chief Minister Naidu, on the other hand, said that, “Air traffic had increased by 103 per cent between April and September this year, after Vijayawada started functioning as a temporary capital of the state. The traffic at Gannavaram Airport will increase by leaps and bounds in day to come, as investors are visiting in large numbers to establish industries in the Sunrise State.” He said, while Rajahmundry Airport Runway expansion has already been taken up, Gannavaram Airport will have more facilities and amenities in the near future, and will have international connectivity soon. The new terminal will be ready at any cost by Krishna Pushkaram in August next.

Venkaiah Naidu said that airports, railway lines and national highways are the indices to measure the development in a country. Stating that without land acquisition, no development can be achieved, the Union Minister praised the Chief Minister for his visionary approach to land pooling.

The Vijayawada airport will also have a facility for cargo service, the Union minister said, adding that previously Vijayawada operated only 60 services a week, which has now increased to 170. It will have a capacity to handle about 700 passengers in an hour, 250 departing and 250 arriving. The airport terminal building will be spread over 9,520 sq.m. and located on a 540-acre site.

It will be a steel-and-glass structure with state-of-the-art modern passenger-friendly facilities such as baggage handling system, inclined arrival baggage claim carousels, central air-conditioning, public address system, fire alarm system, flight information display system, CCTV for surveillance, check-in-counters with common use terminal equipment, car parking, etc. Inspired around the rural-urban blend of Vijayawada’s culture, the interiors of the airport will be designed to portray a unique and smart gateway to the region. The local environment and culture references as well as the historical art and architecture of the region will be interpreted in a modern way to add grandeur to the space.

The Airport has plans for extending its runway from the present 10,500 feet to 14,500 feet to cater to the Code-F aircraft with associated facilities. The new apron is suitable for parking five planes and the new plans are for expanding the same to accommodate 10 more A320 type of aircraft at once.

Airports Authority of India (AAI) had earlier said the current capacity is about 35,000 passengers per month (about 4 lakh per annum) and the new interim terminal building will have the capacity to handle one million passengers.

The construction work is expected to complete in 15 months on warfooting basis as the state government has planned to shift its base from Hyderabad to Vijayawada.

The airport in the truncated state of Andhra Pradesh, which used to have just 10 flights a day, now witnesses 27 flights with a runway of 7,500 feet largely due to the increased activity in Vijayawada and Guntur following the Government’s decision to shift activities from Hyderabad to the coastal cities.

With the new capital city of Amaravati being developed in Guntur district, it is expected to rapidly add to the traffic flow. The State Government is seeking to upgrade the connectivity from Vijayawada and the new upcoming town of Amaravati to the airport.

Meanwhile, the much awaited new terminal building developed at the temple town of Tirupati by the Airports Authority of India, with an outlay of Rs 191 crore, was formally inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his visit to the state on Vijayadasami for Amaravati’s foundation ceremony. This is expected to enhance the connectivity to the famous temple town in the state.
While inaugurating the newly-developed terminal building, the Prime Minister said work was being done simultaneously on various aspects to boost tourism, citing steps like e-visas, WiFi facility at places of tourism and development of hotel accommodation in public-private partnership.

Noting that many people come to Tirupati for lord Balaji darshan, he said that if the frequency and traffic at the airport goes up, it will give boost to tourism. “Tourism is the fastest growing sector today. Its power is such that it gives employment to even poorest of poor. You can work with least investment,” he said.
He went around the terminal and lauded its design resembling Garuda, the celestial carrier of Lord Venkateswara. The new terminal has been developed in an area of 16,500 square meters at a cost of Rs 191 crore. It can handle 700 passengers.

The new terminal can handle code ‘D’ and code ‘C’ types of aircraft with link taxi, apron and associated infrastructure. The Terminal building has been designed, driving inspiration from the shape of Garuda (Eagle) in-flight with its wings flapping/spread in air, which is considered to be the carrier of Lord Balaji. This symbolic design is sure to connect passengers visiting this temple city for religious pilgrimage.

The Integrated Terminal Building capable to handle 500 Domestic and 200 International Passengers at a time is a steel and glass structure having state-of-art modern passenger friendly facilities and services such as baggage handling system compatible with Inline X-ray machine integrated with Departure Conveyor System, incline arrival baggage, claim carousels, passenger boarding brides with Visual Docking Guidance System, central air-conditioning, public address system, fire alarm system, Flight Information Display System (FIDS), CCTV for surveillance, check-in-counters with Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE) and car parking.

Energy efficient and eco friendly material like Fly Ash Bricks, Low heat gain glass, LED lighting and energy efficient chillers have been used in the building, which has garnered a 4-star rating of Green Buildings Rating System India (GRIHA).

PM Modi said tourism can help even fruit, flower, biscuit, chocolate and tea sellers to make income, and the sector could develop to its full potential if global-level infrastructure was created. He emphasised on the need for building world-class infrastructures to attract tourists as well as make the tourism sector sustainable. He urged other states to follow and make their services passenger-friendly, as tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country.

The Prime Minister hoped that the presence of the new terminal would increase the frequency and result in the development of the temple city.

Terming the inauguration ceremony of the ‘Garuda Terminal’ as a memorable event, PM Modi wished the denizens of prosperity and happiness.

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Singapore is honoured to play a pivotal role in building the great city of Amaravati and congratulations to Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for his efforts for engraving this event in world history. – Singapore Minister for Trade and Industry S Iswaran

Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry, S Iswaran, started his speech by greeting the people of Andhra Pradesh in Telugu, on the festive occasion of Dasara. He said Singapore was honoured to play a pivotal role in building the great city of Amaravati and congratulated the efforts of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for engraving this event in world history. He recalled the visit of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu to Singapore, who shared the vision of Andhra Pradesh for a world class capital city which offers jobs, is highly liveable and represents rich culture and heritage of the state. Mr Iswaran called the Chief Minister “an old friend of Singapore” and said, “Much work lays ahead to be done. This could be accomplished under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chandrababu Naidu in building historic capital Amaravati.”

“Experts from Singapore government and companies have been working closely with CM Naidu and his team. The Singapore team is also training experts in urban planning and management.”

He also appreciated the Central government’s efforts in developing 100 smart cities and other cities under the Amrut Mission and the ambitious Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan, and said these would have a profound impact on the lives of people as the cities would be transformed into liveable cities.

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“Here is where the seeds of the Japanese nation’s culture and values emerged from’. – Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Yosuke Takagi

Calling Amaravati the seed of Japanese culture, lifestyle and belief, Japanese Minister Yosuke Takagi extended a helping hand to build Amaravati into a vibrant city by sharing technology. He made reference of the historical connection between the largest and the oldest democracies of Asia, “We have learnt in our young days that this great land of Amaravati was a great centre of learning of Buddhism right from 3rd century BC. And here is where the seed of the Japanese nation’s culture and values have emerged. In our textbooks we read that Acharya Nagarjuna visited Amaravati. Standing here at this great place is a matter of pride and honour for me.” He said Andhra Pradesh was poised to be the gateway for the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean region. “Asia-pacific region has the potential to become growth engines of the entire global economy. AP is poised to be a gateway for the Indian Ocean region. And I believe it has the potential to be the centre of what can be called the Asia-Pacific-Indian Ocean Region.

“We remember from the World War II how we created a new nation from ashes. This time in history, Japan is here to give a lending hand. Our experience and technology is here to contribute. This in Buddhism we call ‘en’ and in Hinduism we call ‘Sanjog.’ This is Sanjog,” he said.

In the backdrop of the historical and cultural ties between the two nations, Mr. Takagi said Japan and India are poised to show great leadership together under a legal framework to create a trade network based on greater prosperity.


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‘యుఎస్‌ఐబీసీ ట్రాన్స్‌ఫోర్మెటివ్ ఛీఫ్ మినిస్టర్’ చంద్రబాబు కాలిఫోర్నియాలో మే8న ప్రదానం అమరావతి :  ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ముఖ్యమంత్రి నారా చంద్రబాబు నాయుడుకు మరో ప్రతిష్ఠాత్మకమైన అంతర్జాతీయ పురస్కారం లభించింది. యు.ఎస్. ఇండియా బిజినెస్ కౌన్సిల్...